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Sustainability Performance Report 2011 25
AGL’s goal is to become a world-class customer-focused energy company
AGL’s customer base is both large and diverse. This requires AGL
to provide a range of services that provide the customer with an ‘easy
to do business with’ experience and an ‘exceeded expectations’ result.
Throughout FY2011, AGL has implemented a number of programs
and initiatives designed to enhance customers’ experience and
achieve results, including:
>> further empowering call centre employees to improve frst
contact resolution
>> continuing the Customer Connections Program, which involves
meeting with and listening to customers to understand areas
where AGL can improve
>> reviewing customer service, to develop a consistent coaching and
call-handling framework
>> launching AGL Energy Online. AGL is the frst energy retailer in
Australia to offer this ‘internet banking’ style of customer service.
Customers registered to use AGL Energy Online can manage their
energy account online, view and pay their bills and track their
consumption history
>> delivering paperless billing to customers through AGL
Energy Online.
The two key focus areas for the
Customer chapter
of this report are
customer experience and customers in hardship.
Customer experience:
There are a range of contributing factors
that affect customer experience. This section of the report
outlines how AGL measures customer experience, and provides
performance data on some critical aspects of service delivery over
the past 12 months. This chapter also addresses energy efficiency
services and renewable energy products that AGL offers, and
the way in which AGL manages its responsibilities as an essential
service provider.
Customers in hardship:
AGL recognises the importance of
assisting vulnerable customers reach a sustainable energy
consumption position. AGL addresses this issue from a number of
perspectives including information provision, community support
and direct assistance through the Staying Connected program.
The average level of debt for customers on the Staying Connected
program is the primary measure to indicate the level of success in
early intervention and assisting customers return to a sustainable
energy consumption position.
Customer experience
and renewable
and services
as an essential
and quality
Customers in hardship
Target FY2011
Performance FY2011
Target FY2012
Customer experience
Top ranking energy
company for customer
Establish new customer
satisfaction score and target.
Customer satisfaction score
established, monitored quarterly
and reported internally during
FY2011. Target established and
embedded within Operational
Customer satisfaction score:
Customers in hardship
Recognised industry
leader in customer
hardship policy.
Establish target for average
level of energy debt of
customers on Staying
Connected program.
Target established.
Average energy debt of Staying
Connected customers: