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Customer experience
Introduction to customer experience
AGL measures customer satisfaction to monitor
whether initiatives are successful in improving the
customer experience.
The AGL Customer Charter clearly outlines for both customers
and employees what customers can expect from AGL. The Charter
contains a set of customer promises, and defines the standards to
which AGL can be held to account.
The Charter is available on the AGL website at
Within the Customer Charter there are four key promises:
We will deliver quality service
We will provide value for money
We will understand our customers’ needs and deliver to them
We will be there with the answers for our customers.
AGL strives to deliver on these promises, meeting the needs
of customers by providing a consistent level of service.
AGL uses a range of measures to assess whether the Customer
Charter promises are being met, including speaking directly with
customers. For example, ‘after call’ surveys are carried out within
AGL customer service centres. From the information acquired,
robust root cause analysis is undertaken to understand the drivers
of customer dissatisfaction, as well as where processes can be
changed to improve the customer experience.
Vision for customer experience:
AGL’s vision is to be the top
ranking energy company for customer satisfaction, by delivering
on a range of initiatives and continuous improvement programs
throughout the Retail Energy business.
This section of the report includes information on how AGL monitors
customer experience and satisfaction
(page 27)
, the types of energy
efficiency and renewable energy products and services offered
to customers
(page 29)
, and the ways in which AGL addresses its
responsibilities as an essential service provider
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AGL measures customer satisfaction each quarter to gauge the
degree to which customers are serviced to the standard they
expect, and whether initiatives to improve customer service have
been successful. On a quarterly basis a sample of customers across
all energy retailers are asked: “Overall, how satisfied are you with the
services provided by your current energy retailer on a scale of 0 to
10, where 0 is not at all satisfied, 5 is neutral and 10 is extremely
satisfied”. The mean (average) of respondent’s scores is determined
for each retailer.
During FY2011, AGL’s customer satisfaction score averaged 6.65,
with a score of 6.67 in the fourth quarter of FY2011.
This is the first year that measurement of customer satisfaction has
been used and benchmarked against major competitors. In FY2012,
AGL has set a target to have a better customer satisfaction score
than major competitors.