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Sustainability Performance Report 2011 27
Customer experience
Process and quality
AGL measures success in customer experience using
a range of performance indicators and by participating
in external benchmarking programs.
Customer Charter Metrics
AGL’s Customer Charter Metrics were established and monitored
to enable AGL to measure the customer experience. The Customer
Charter Metrics are published externally on AGL’s website and
enable customers to hold AGL to account.
A number of the Customer Charter Metrics are supported by
‘service level commitments’, which enable AGL to measure and track
achievement of certain Customer Charter promises.
The Customer Charter Metrics, published quarterly on AGL’s
intranet, are:
We will respond to you
AGL’s FY2011 target for customer service centres was for 75%
of calls to be answered by customer service representatives within
30 seconds during normal business hours. This target was not met
during FY2011, with the performance levels achieved each quarter
being 73.42%, 61.25%, 65.43% and 63.38%. AGL will continue to
strive to improve response times and will again seek to achieve a
75% target in FY2012.
We will always try to resolve your enquiry frst time
AGL aims to have customer service representatives resolve a
customer’s enquiry on the first call. AGL commenced measurement
of first call resolution in the second half of FY2011. For the fourth
quarter of FY2011, 80.06% of all enquiries were resolved during
the first call.
We can help you move
AGL aims to help a customer move premises by raising the
customer’s move request with the distributor within 24 hours
of application.
In FY2011, AGL set a target to raise 95% of move requests within
24 hours, and this level of service was consistently met.
We will connect your energy supply
AGL promises to work with a customer’s distributor in order to
determine the availability of supply. On average, new connections
take up to 15 days depending on access and availability of supply.
Since measurement commenced in 2011 (calendar year), the
average number of days taken to connect energy supply was 20%
better than the target of 15 days.
We will bill you on time
Last year, AGL reported that a driver of the high complaint levels
experienced was the unacceptable delay in the billing of a number
of customers. In FY2011, AGL achieved an unbilled rate of less than
1%, thereby meeting its target of having 99% of customers billed
every three months (every two months in Victoria for gas).
AGL recognises that bill smoothing can assist customers to better
manage their energy costs. As at end FY2011, over 98,000
customers were on the bill smoothing program, and an increasing
number of customers are expected to take up this payment option
in FY2012.
Net Promoter Score
Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a widely used measure of customer
loyalty, and is based on how likely a customer would be to
recommend AGL as an energy provider. AGL’s NPS is measured
quarterly via an external survey that asks customers across all
energy retailers “on a scale of 0-10, how likely is it that you would
recommend Retailer X to a friend or colleague?”
The NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of 0s to 6s
from the percentage of 9s and 10s.
AGL’s average NPS for FY2011 was -36.6, an improvement of 23%
compared to the FY2010 average of -47.2. During FY2011 AGL’s
NPS peaked at -30.5, compared to a peak score during FY2010
of -41.9.
Customer Charter commitments
Customer Charter
Our promise
Average FY2011 result
Year end result
We will respond to you
We will answer your calls promptly during
normal business hours.
65.87% of calls answered within
30 seconds
63.38% of calls answered within
30 seconds
We will always try to resolve your enquiry
first time.
79.97% of calls resolved during first call 80.06% of calls resolved during first call
We can help you move
Let us know at least three business days
before you move and we can arrange
supply of energy to the property to which
you are moving.
95.48% customers connected with
energy when three business days
notice of move provided
96.29% customers connected with
energy when three business days notice of
move provided
We will connect your energy supply On average, new connections take
15 business days subject to access
and availability of supply.
Average new connection took
12.5 business days
Average new connection took
12 business days
We will bill you on time
If you’re a residential or small business
customer, we will send a bill at least
every three months (every two months
for Victoria gas).
Bills issued to 99.76% of customers
on time
Bills issued to 99.80% of customers
on time
We will help those having difficulty paying If you’re a residential customer you also
have the option of bill smoothing.
98,294 customers on bill smoothing
98,294 customers on bill smoothing
1 The results exclude South Australian electricity customers, where an appointment system is used and is outside of AGL’s control.