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Sustainability Performance Report 2011 29
Customer experience
Energy effciency and renewable energy
products and services
AGL offers a range of services and products to
customers to improve the energy effciency and
greenhouse performance of homes and businesses.
These services are targeted to address the common
barriers to energy effciency uptake and to provide
customers with choices on the greenhouse intensity
of the energy they consume.
Energy effciency
Energy efficiency is widely accepted as a key complementary
measure to the introduction of a price on carbon and the setting of
renewable energy targets. Helping customers understand energy
efficiency, and assisting them to implement energy efficiency
measures in their home or business, improves customer experience.
Furthermore, increased energy efficiency in residential properties
can ameliorate the impact of increasing energy prices for customers,
which is particularly important for customers experiencing
financial hardship.
For many years, AGL has provided a range of information services
on energy efficiency, both online and in print.
AGL continues to meet all its regulated targets under the Victorian,
South Australian and New South Wales state-based energy
efficiency schemes. More than 1,049,295 tCO
e of abatement
has been created since the schemes were implemented (from 2009)
through energy efficiency activities for residential households.
This abatement was created from installations such as energy
saving light bulbs, low-flow showerheads and energy efficient
hot water systems.
Since 2009, 3,258 household audits and assessments have been
completed for concession card holders to meet the targets specified
under the South Australian energy efficiency scheme. In addition,
during 2010 (calendar year) and 2011, in excess of 2,000 audits
have been undertaken in South Australia for non-concession card
holders, over 5,000 audits have been undertaken in Victoria, and
over 1,700 audits have been undertaken in New South Wales.
AGL has also taken a leadership role in improving the energy
efficiency performance of business customers. AGL has a team of
over 65 people across South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales,
Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory who identify,
evaluate and implement energy efficiency and embedded generation
projects for business customers.
For example, in FY2011, AGL entered into an agreement to
construct a state of the art cogeneration facility for Qenos
Pty Limited (Qenos) at its Altona plant in Victoria. The facility
represents Australia’s largest industrial cogeneration plant to be
built in a decade. At an approximate cost of $45 million, the plant
will have a nominal capacity of 21 MW and when coupled with a
heat recovery steam generator, will produce up to 88 tonnes of
steam per hour. The embedded cogeneration facility is expected to
reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production
of polyethylene at the Qenos plant by 100,000 tCO
e per annum,
the equivalent to 24,390 cars off the road.
Green products
The Government-administered GreenPower™ program enables
retailers to provide customers with electricity that is sourced from
new renewable energy that is in addition to mandatory purchases
required under the 20% Renewable Energy Target. Accredited
GreenPower can only be produced from approved renewable
generation facilities built after January 1997. AGL has been a
participant in GreenPower since official accreditation commenced
in 2001. AGL offers a suite of GreenPower products for residential
customers that allows them to choose a product that meets
their needs.
During the 12 months to 31 December 2010, AGL’s sale of
GreenPower accredited electricity was 188,472 MWh, a decrease
of 23% compared to the prior corresponding period. However, AGL
has significant new commercial and industrial contracts in place to
retail over 1 TWh of new renewable energy annually.
Rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV)
During FY2011, AGL installed 1,736 roof-top solar PV systems
through AGL Assist franchises and the Bovis Lend Lease
partnership. Volatile solar policies and a fast moving industry
landscape contributed to the lower than expected installation rates.
Significant experience in the roof-top solar market was an invaluable
by-product of these efforts.
AGL recently acquired Rezeko Pty Ltd, trading as EKO Energy, as
a platform for the growth of market share in the solar PV market.
Now with first-hand expertise in the industry, and the backing
of Australia’s leading renewable energy company, AGL Solar/
EKO Energy will deliver quality solar solutions to Australian homes
and businesses.
AGL GreenPower and renewable energy supply contracts
GreenPower sales
Forecast GreenPower sales
Long-term customer renewable
energy supply contracts
Forecast long-term customer
renewable energy supply