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Sustainability Performance Report 2011 31
Customer experience
Response to critical events
AGL does not own or operate transmission or distribution
networks (pipes, poles and wires), and therefore is not responsible
for restoring energy supply during critical events where the
energy supply to mass numbers of customers is interrupted.
Notwithstanding this, AGL recognises the importance of responding
to customers during these events.
In the wake of the Victorian Bushfires in 2009, AGL developed an
extreme event response guide for the business to follow. The guide
documents the actions AGL will undertake to provide assistance,
support and peace of mind to AGL customers impacted by a severe
external event.
Early in FY2011, significant numbers of AGL customers in
Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria were impacted by severe
weather events. In response, AGL undertook a number of actions,
>> suspension of all billing and collection activity in areas impacted
by the fooding
>> updating the AGL website with important information for
customers and encouraging customers to call if they were
>> setting up processes to direct food impacted victims to a
dedicated section within AGL’s hardship team
>> placing a series of advertisements in local and state based media
advising customers what to do if they had issues with their
energy accounts.
Several months after these events took place, AGL undertook a
Post Implementation Review to understand and agree to identified
process improvement for future critical events.
AGL continues to provide a free translator service so that customers
are able to access important information on AGL’s services and
products, regardless of whether English is their primary language.
In addition, AGL has energy efficiency brochures available for
customers in 10 different community languages.
In FY2011, AGL has also had a team focused on delivering practical
and positive solutions for customers who receive a government
concession. It is important that customers receive entitlements
with the minimum of fuss, which is why over the course of the year
AGL has:
>> performed large scale data integrity activities to ensure all AGL
customers who are entitled to a concession are receiving one
>> developed and implemented national training and concession
‘champions’ to ensure employees are fully aware of the
concessions customers can receive
>> delivered the annual Victorian electricity concession to customers
three months earlier than the government requested.