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Sustainability Performance Report 2011 35
Community engagement
Introduction to community engagement
AGL has long recognised that to maintain its social
licence to operate it must engage constructively with
communities and all our stakeholders.
AGL recognises that genuine engagement with stakeholders is
essential for achieving sustainable development. As AGL continues
to develop new power generation and coal seam gas production
projects, AGL has an increasing physical footprint and presence in
the community. Communities adjacent to AGL projects, and the
broader community generally, have views and questions about how
AGL’s activities may interact with their way of life and livelihoods.
AGL is committed to listening, and providing comprehensive and
accurate information to communities, as well as providing adequate
opportunities for communities to give feedback and raise concerns.
Community engagement mechanisms employed by AGL include
community meetings, community consultative committees,
newsletters and factsheets, websites/micro-sites, stalls and displays
at community events, dedicated information centres, site visits,
briefings and workshops.
AGL also supports regional communities, creates employment
opportunities, provides facilities and enhances existing services,
including health, education and welfare through contributions to
local, regional and national economies. To complement engagement
with the regional communities in which AGL owns and/or operates
assets, AGL’s Energy for Life program seeks to make a genuine
contribution to the wider community
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Vision for community engagement:
AGL’s vision is to achieve
best practice local community engagement.
Listening, understanding and responding to community
concerns, effective communication and constructive community
engagement across all Power Development projects
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Upstream Gas projects
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is essential for maintaining AGL’s
social licence to operate.
Community engagement plans are in place for all coal seam gas
projects and all power development projects. The community
engagement plans outline community engagement activities, define
AGL’s community engagement goals, and allow the tracking and
measurement of success.
In May 2011, AGL opened the Hunter Customer Service and
Community Information Centre to share information on coal seam
gas operations in the area. AGL already has an information centre
operating in Burra, South Australia, to provide information about
the Hallett wind farm projects.
During FY2011, AGL developed a Corporate Community
Engagement Framework and Toolkit, designed to facilitate a
consistent yet customisable approach to setting Community
Engagement Plans and measuring completion of actions embedded
in these plans. The Framework and Toolkit were developed following
consultation with business leaders and Project Managers from both
AGL’s Merchant Energy (Power Development) and Upstream Gas
business areas. The Framework and Toolkit will further improve
consistency in AGL’s approach to engagement across the business.
The Safety, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Committee,
which meets quarterly, visits AGL’s operational and development
sites to understand in greater detail the views of the local