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Community contribution
Introduction to community contribution
Contributing to the communities in which AGL operates
and the communities in which AGL employees live and
work brings benefts to both AGL and the community.
Communities benefit from the receipt of in-kind and financial
support, and AGL and its people benefit through improvements to
employee engagement that can come from Employee Volunteering
and Employee Giving initiatives and from strengthening relationships
with the community.
AGL contributes to the community through a variety of localised
initiatives in the regions where it operates (such the AGL Hallett
Wind Farm Community Fund in South Australia), and also contributes
to the wider community through the Energy for Life program.
Rigorous measurement and reporting of community investment
activities can help ensure AGL’s resources are allocated efficiently
to maximise the benefits to the community.
AGL is a founding member of the London Benchmarking Group
Australia/New Zealand (LBG) and has been measuring and reporting
the value of contributions to the community using the LBG model
since FY2006.
The LBG model is an independent framework for measuring,
benchmarking and reporting a company’s community contributions
and achievements, and provides a consistent approach for
organisations to account for their community contributions.
The LBG framework breaks down community contribution
by charitable cause (i.e. social welfare, environment,
emergency relief, health or other), as well as by motivation for
investment (i.e. charitable donation, community investment or
commercial initiative).
AGL also breaks down its community contribution according to
the three Energy for Life program areas (Employee Volunteering,
Employee Giving and Warmth in Winter), as well as the support
provided to the local community through the AGL Hallett Wind Farm
Community Fund and other local community initiatives, contributions
arising from key brand sponsorships, and donations for disaster relief.
LBG is facilitated in Australia by Haystac Positive Outcomes (a
division of Mitchell Communications Group). Haystac Positive
Outcomes conducts an annual review of how AGL values community
contributions using the methodology established by the LBG. A review
statement from Haystac Positive Outcomes is included on
page 9
In recognition of the contribution employees make to AGL’s level
of total community investment, a key measure of success is the
value of the community contribution (as measured through the
LBG model) arising from employee participation in Employee
Volunteering and Employee Giving initiatives. The success of
these programs is also measured through employee participation
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Vision for community contribution:
AGL’s vision is to have social
return on investment measured, and at target levels.
The success of AGL’s community contribution is influenced
by engaging employees in the Employee Volunteering and Employee
Giving initiatives
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, and by developing strategic charitable
programs and partnerships that leverage the skills and strengths of
AGL and its employees
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