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AGL Energy Limited 46
Community contribution
Community sponsorships
AGL sponsors key events in local communities to build
stronger relationships with the communities in which
AGL operates.
Kiewa area sponsorships
AGL has significant operations in the Victorian Alpine Region with
four hydro electric power stations as part of the Kiewa scheme,
including the Bogong Power Station. AGL is also a large employer in
the region with almost 70 employees (by headcount) based at AGL’s
Mt Beauty office.
In FY2011, AGL sponsored the Audax Alpine Classic road cycling
event for the third consecutive year. This event takes place in the
surrounds of Bright in regional Victoria. The ride is made possible due
to AGL having upgraded the Bogong High Plains Road as part of the
construction of the 140 MW hydro electric Bogong Power Station
in FY2009 and FY2010.
During FY2011, AGL also sponsored the Kangaroo Hoppet in the
Bogong High Plains of Victoria’s Alpine National Park. The Kangaroo
Hoppet is Australia’s premier long distance cross country ski race.
AGL Action Rescue Helicopter
Since FY2009, AGL has sponsored the Sunshine Coast Helicopter
Rescue Service to help ongoing vital rescue, medical and search
missions throughout south-east and central Queensland. AGL
provides the Service with regular funding for ongoing operations,
and enables Queensland-based customers to donate to the Service
through their AGL account. This donation facility was set up by
AGL in 2007 prior to the official sponsorship. During FY2011,
AGL customers in Queensland contributed over $270,000.
Other sponsorships
In FY2010, AGL entered into a four-year sponsorship of the Giant
Panda exhibit at Adelaide Zoo in South Australia. In FY2010, AGL
installed a solar PV system for the panda enclosure. The system will
generate 50% of the energy required for the exhibit and will reduce
carbon emissions by 14.4 tonnes of CO
e annually. AGL also provided
an LCD information and educational screen in the exhibit detailing
how solar power works.
In conjunction with the Heritage Council of Victoria, the Melbourne
Restoration Fund and public donations, AGL assisted in the
restoration of the iconic ‘Skipping Girl’ neon display in Melbourne
in late FY2009. AGL is supplying 100% GreenPower Accredited
Renewable Energy and annual maintenance funding as part of a five-
year sponsorship.
Wind farm community funds
In the Hallett region of South Australia, AGL has established the AGL
Hallett Wind Farm Community Fund to provide annual grants to local
community based projects. Over $170,000 has been donated to the
community since the fund’s inception.
AGL has also established community funds for:
>> Macarthur Wind Farm
>> Oaklands Hill Wind Farm.
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