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Sustainability Performance Report 2011 47
AGL’s goal is to engage our employees in ways that continue to support
our business, grow their skills and deliver outstanding results in a safe and
sustainable way.
Employees are critical to the delivery of AGL’s business strategies,
and to achieving the organisation’s vision of being a world-class,
customer-focused energy company. It is important to create a safe
and engaged work environment where employees can contribute
to delivering a positive customer experience.
The AGL Values that underpin business at AGL are:
>> One Team
>> Delivery
>> Authentic
>> Vitality
>> Safe and Sustainable.
The way in which employees live these values shapes the
perception of the AGL brand, as well as influencing stakeholders’
day-to-day experiences and interactions with AGL.
A safe and secure work environment is a key element of AGL’s
strategy. AGL has adopted a broad view of workplace health and
safety, encompassing not only the physical safety of employees,
but also the overall health of employees in terms of financial,
emotional, creative and social wellbeing.
The two key focus areas for the
People chapter
of this report
are employee engagement and organisational safety.
Employee engagement:
In the context of a rapidly changing
energy industry, maintaining and improving employee engagement
is increasingly important for attracting and retaining talented
employees, and ultimately, for the delivery of business results.
Organisational safety:
Safety performance is indicative of
the values that underpin an organisation, the business ‘culture’,
and the effectiveness of health and safety policies and procedures.
Safety performance is also a significant influencing factor for
employee engagement.
Employee engagement
Diversity and
acquisition and
recognition and
HSE strategy
Organisational safety
Target FY2011
Performance FY2011
Target FY2012
Employee engagement
Engagement score at
‘best employer’ level.
Engagement score:
Engagement score
point decrease
Engagement score:
point increase
Organisational safety
Zero harm.
Total Injury Frequency Rate:
Total Injury Frequency Rate:
Total Injury Frequency Rate:
1 Engagement survey undertaken during June and July 2011 with an overall response rate of 73.5%.