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Sustainability Performance Report 2011 51
Employee engagement
Talent acquisition and development
Attracting and retaining the right people, and developing
their skills and talents, is one of the most critical
challenges and opportunities AGL faces in meeting its
strategic objectives.
The ‘war for talent’ in the energy sector presents a strategic
opportunity and threat for AGL. The energy industry is rapidly
changing due to government deregulation, climate change policies
and the development of renewable energy technology. Having the
right people with the right skills in place will be a key enabler for
AGL in responding to these challenges.
Talent acquisition
The strength of a good employer brand lies in the ability to attract
the right people with the right skills who are the right fit for the
business. The business benefits through decreased attrition rates,
and customers benefit by dealing with enthusiastic and engaged
employees. In turn, a positive customer experience is reflected in
AGL’s bottom line and in shareholder value.
AGL offers a work environment which is stimulating, collaborative
and productive. AGL also supports the aspirations of employees
who seek to develop their careers at AGL – whether moving up
through leadership roles in the organisation or by expanding their
skills and experience as specialists in their chosen field.
During the reporting period, AGL completed a program of internal
and external research to define the AGL Employment Value
Proposition (EVP) and the AGL employer brand. In October 2010,
AGL launched its new employer branding strap line ‘Expect More.
Do More’. The AGL EVP describes the unique and compelling rewards
and benefits (tangible and intangible) offered by AGL, in return for
the skills, capabilities and experiences that employees bring to AGL.
To communicate the EVP to prospective and current employees,
AGL launched new Careers pages on the AGL website. This includes
career stories and video content from a number of AGL employees
describing in their own words the reasons they joined and have
stayed with AGL. A nine minute EVP video was also produced and
loaded onto YouTube to act as a ‘viral’ campaign. AGL has been
nominated as a finalist for ‘Best Careers Website’ for the 2011
Fairfax Employment Marketing Awards.
In FY2010, AGL piloted a new recruitment delivery model within
the Customer Services area. This new model represents a significant
change in talent acquisition strategy, effectively bringing the
function on-site to ensure a robust recruitment process, improved
sourcing strategies, consistent communication of AGL’s EVP and
creating an enhanced candidate experience which positively impacts
company reputation. Following a reduction in the turnover of new
hires in Customer Services from 47.2% in calendar year 2009 to
30.6% in calendar year 2010, AGL will be expanding the new model
across the entire business, commencing October 2011.
Talent management
The 2011 AGL Talent Management Program was enhanced to
include a focus on identifying ‘critical roles’. These are roles that,
if vacant, pose the most significant business risk because they are
key to AGL’s new business development, revenue generation or
operational management. Typically critical roles are difficult to fill
quickly with either an external hire or a ready internal successor.
To ensure the sustainability of AGL’s most critical business functions,
it is now a requirement that all senior critical roles have a succession
plan in place so ensure that there is a pipeline of key talent being
actively developed in the capability areas required for role success.
AGL runs a structured induction program for new employees,
which includes an information pack, eight compulsory compliance
training modules (which must be completed within the first month
of joining AGL), and a Corporate Welcome Day. During FY2011,
479 new employees attended an AGL Corporate Welcome Day.
Providing adequate learning and development opportunities is
critical for ensuring that customer service employees deliver a
quality customer experience. All new hires in customer service
roles receive a thorough three-week induction in relevant processes,
systems and service skills prior to any customer contact. Training
to develop the competence and confidence of customer services
employees is also provided when new process and system
enhancements are introduced, to minimise the risk of service
levels being impacted during change.
Compliance training
Completion Rate
Compliance Area
Induction course
Refresher course
Code of Conduct
Diversity and Inclusion
Health, Safety and Environment
Just launched
Information Security
Just launched
Trade Practices Act
To be launched Sep 2011
1 Induction course completion rate based on new starters who completed training during FY2011, i.e. prior to 1 July 2011 (by headcount). New starters are given six weeks
to complete training, as such completion rates are underestimated.
2 Refresher course completion rate based on continuing employees who have been with AGL for longer than 12 months, i.e. prior to 1 July 2010 (by headcount). Continuing
employees are given three months to complete training.